10 Great Lesbian Date Ideas

Lesbian Dating | June 11, 2018

Lesbian Date Ideas

When we think of a date, the mind often conjures the usual image of a fancy dinner by candlelight, staring into each other’s eyes across the table. Maybe hands brushing in a movie theater as you both reach for the popcorn. Maybe you think a fancy dinner sounds stuffy, or you want to be able to talk to each other more than a movie would allow. Maybe you just want to do something new with the woman you’re planning to go out with, something outside of the usual formula.

Date Ideas For Lesbian Couple

It could be a first date, the continuation of a long-term romance, or something in between; no matter what, you deserve the chance to have a fantastic, interesting date. Here are some date ideas for women who love women, whether you’re a lesbian, bisexual, or aren’t sure about a label but know you like girls.

  1. Nature Walk or Hike

    On warmer days, taking a walk in nature can be the perfect date. You can hold hands, talk, and get some fresh air and sunshine. There is a lot to see and you’re moving around, so there’s no shortage of new things to point out and discuss.

    How intense this walk becomes completely depends on how outdoorsy you and your date are feeling; you can schedule a low-key stroll in a park or a more intense hike up a mountain (as long as you bring along plenty of water!).

    If you want to do a little something more, or just have a built-in break from the exercise, bring along a picnic. Pack sandwiches and juice, or sparkling cider and a little collection of cheese and crackers, or even just cookies. Bring a blanket or a towel, and you can spread it out under you and have lunch somewhere beautiful.

  2. Bookstore & Coffee Shop

    The coffee shop is a classic date, especially for people just getting to know each other. But it can also be incorporated into other types of dates, and a really fun way to spend time with someone can be to go to a local bookstore and peruse the selection. You can show each other old favorites, point out goofy covers, or compete to find the most ridiculous romance novel synopsis in the store.

    The bigger the store is the more space there is to cover, and most will have a coffee shop somewhere within walking distance. Some bookstores even have a coffee shop attached, making it even easier.

    You could also go for a specific event, such as a book or poetry reading. Maybe you researched, and a lesbian poet you really like is doing a reading and a Q&A somewhere nearby, or there’s an interesting presenter scheduled to speak. Find out about events in your local bookstores, and then get there early to explore with your date before it starts.

  3. Learn Something New Together

    Some people just really like to learn, and it can be a fun and bonding experience to do together. If you know something your date is interested in, or something she’s wanted to do for a while, you could find a local class that you can take for a night or an afternoon. Some examples are a cooking class, a yoga class, maybe some ecstatic dance.

    You could go to a tango or salsa class and dance the night away up close. If there’s an interesting lecture taking place, go together. Write notes to each other on a shared notebook so you can share thoughts without interrupting, or go somewhere afterward to discuss. It’s enriching and romantic.

  4. Museums & Art Shows

    Are you artsy? Is your date? Find out what exhibits are going on at nearby museums. Some even allow visitors in for free, especially for long-term collections.

    Maybe you’re not super interested in art, but there’s something specific and fantastic happening right now; an old movie playing, or something LGBT themed, or a pop-up exhibit featuring some really fun, weird work. Some exhibits are interactive, if that’s more your style. And there’s a lot to say, whether you like the art or not.

    If a museum seems a bit too big and not quite your speed, try a smaller art exhibit taking place in a gallery or restaurant, and support your local artists.

  5. Volunteer Somewhere

    It feels good to do something good, and that effect is probably doubled when it’s happening with someone you really like. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, or a community center. If you and your date are into animals, volunteer at an animal shelter, and give some cute dogs and cats the attention and love they need.

  6. Open Mics

    Open mics are everywhere, and often really fun. Impress your date and yourself by going up and performing, and prove you can do it, even if you have stage fright. Or just watch the other performers together, and give them a round of applause for their bravery. Open mic performances range from incredibly beautiful to really weird, so you may just get to see (or hear) something you haven’t seen before.

  7. Gay Events & Dances

    It can be really nice to go somewhere where you know everyone else gets you. If you’re looking to have some exciting fun even if it’s harder to talk, take your date to a gay dance. And not every gay event is at a bar or nightclub. There are fun things like rainbow nights at rollerblading rinks, quieter socials, and happy hours.

    There are easy apps and websites like Gayborhood that you can use to find out what gay events are happening in your specific area, so check if it’s listed. If it’s not, search for ‘queer events’ or ‘gay events’ and the name of your city, and see what pops up! It might surprise you.

  8. Outdoor Markets, Flea Markets & Vintage Stores

    If there’s some kind of outdoor market or farmer’s market near you, that can be a great place to take a date. There is so much to see, such as homemade crafts, or buskers playing music. You could buy some fresh fruits and veggies and make something delicious together that night.

    If it’s not the right weather for an outdoor market or that’s not your style, you could take your date out to a vintage or second-hand store. You two can have fun trying on ridiculous clothes you find, or search for abandoned treasures.

  9. Trivia Night

    Tons of bars and pubs have a trivia night, usually once a week. Go with your date and form a team, and you two can bond over trying to remember obscure TV shows and 80s song titles. Win or lose, it’s a noisy, exciting experience, sure to bring out the competitive fire in anyone that likes games.

  10. Crafting Date

    Maybe you know this woman pretty well, well enough that you don’t necessarily need the fuss and bustle of the outside world. A great night in date idea is a craft night.

    Get out the paint, or hot glue, or knitting needles, or a sewing kit, or some rhinestones, and make some art together. You can work on your own projects separately, or tackle one as a team. You can talk during, or put on some music, or put on a TV show that’s good for multitasking running in the background.

    When your hands get tired, bake something, or grab ice cream or drinks and cuddle up on the couch for the rest of the night.

Don’t forget the cardinal rule

And remember: the cardinal rules for a first date is that it takes place somewhere you can interact one-on-one and get to know each other, and somewhere that has established parameters for what happens there. The best dates are somewhere where you can talk and focus on each other, and provides an opening for conversation starters, such as asking what your date is getting when you’re waiting in line for ice cream. It’s good to do something where you can either part ways at the end of the activity, or go somewhere else, depending on how well the date went.

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