The 10 Stages of a First Date Between Two Gay Men

Gay Dating | March 19, 2018

First Gay Date

Sometimes people struggle with their homosexuality or don’t know anything about gay matchmaking. They might realize they’re interested in other gay men but aren’t sure how a gay first date even goes. The good news is that most of these will go in a similar way, so you can get comfortable and know a little more of what to expect by reading this. Keep in mind, while these are the most common stages, not every date will have these!

Stages Of Gay Date

  1. Confirmation
    The first stage is the confirmation. This can either be by text or online messenger. This is where it all begins and the plan is set on where you’ll go.
  2. Greetings

    This next stage is where you guys will say your hello. It will probably be awkward but don’t let that stop you from having a great time on the date!

  3. Talking

    Next, is the talking. This might be the most awkward part yet. You guys are waiting waiting on your drinks and food your drinks and food and have no idea what to talk about. Just let it flow naturally!

  4. The Big Question

    This is a stage that will happen on almost every single first date you go through. It’s the “When Did You Come Out?” question. It will be asked so be ready to answer!

  5. Silence

    Next, is the awkward silence. You’ve talked about your interests and your coming out stories. Now both of you have come to a stand still and have nothing to talk about. Uh-Oh! You might even both start playing on your phones!

  6. Another Drink?

    This phase is the one where you’re both wondering if you’re still doing the date. Keep in mind, yes doesn’t always mean that it’s going well so make sure you gauge the other guy’s reaction.

  7. Bathroom Break

    This is another phase that will happen on almost every single date. Not only will drinking make you need to go to the bathroom in general, but it might be a chance to freshen up and text the friends about how it’s going.

  8. Paying

    This phase can be awkward too because you aren’t sure if you’re paying separately or if one or the other will foot the bill. Usually, each person pays for what they had.

  9. The Invitation

    This one is where it can get fuzzy. It’s the invitation to come back to either your place or his to watch a movie or hang out. If you aren’t comfortable, just say no!

  10. After-Date Text

    Even if the date was horrible, one of you will end up texting. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how the date was. If it was good, text back! If it wasn’t, then just let it go!

These are the most common steps that happen during a first date between gay men but every relationship is different, including ones that have homosexuality, so others might skip some steps or have different ones.

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