3 Ways To Keep Your Partner Happy

Blog | December 5, 2014

Happy gay couple holding hands watching sunset on the beach

There is no specific blueprint or formula on how to maintain a lasting and successful relationship. You are long past the “honeymoon period” and know each other inside and out and are happy with what the two of you have accomplished in building a satisfying committed relationship. Life is truly great! Your partnership brings you love, companionship and security which are the benefits of being in a committed intimate relationship. Watch out as it is sometimes the things that make this so perfect that become what can eventually tear you apart. You begin to get bored or take each other for granted. It is important to keep the passion going and the excitement in your relationship alive.

• You are going to have disagreements and this is a normal part of any healthy partnership. You cannot possibly agree on everything and it is important to have a mind of your own. Life is about respect and compromises so don’t forget to respect his opinion and be willing to compromise. Most importantly never go to bed mad. Sex is not to be a prize or a punishment if you are mad at him don’t hold back there is nothing better than make-up sex after a disagreement.

• “Date Night” is important and never to be forgotten. Plan something special once a week and make sure you dress up for it and go somewhere different or familiar perhaps even back to the place you first met. Keeping the romance alive and each other guessing is a key factor in maintaining a lasting relationship. Spending quality time together and making it a priority is what really matters. Do not let the date end there sex is an integral part to every relationship so keep it exciting and try something different and keep him wanting it as much as you do.

• Don’t forget to pay attention to each other and each other’s needs. Nothing will warm your partner’s heart more and keep a smile on his face than validating him through communication and physical actions. Listen to him when he speaks and show genuine interest in what he is saying. Acknowledge him when he does something positive and show appreciation and gratitude. There is nothing nicer than surprising him with a little gift that is meaningful and relevant. You get out of a relationship what you put into it and you will be surprised how much these little things change the sometimes boring rituals of everyday life and put the excitement back into each other’s.

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