3 Weekend Getaways That You Can Plan While Only Casually Dating

Date Ideas | December 5, 2016

Weekend Getaways For Casual Daters

Getaways are not simply for those in serious, committed relationships. Not only are getaways still appropriate for casual daters, but they are also beneficial for less serious relationships, allowing you to learn more about each other and increase your level of intimacy. With that, here are three weekend getaways that you can plan while only casually dating.

  1. Be A Tourist In Your Own CityYou can make any location feel like a getaway by staying in a hotel. Of course, the hotel will not be the highlight of your weekend getaway. Hopefully, the highlight will be getting to know the person you are staying with on a more intimate level. Nevertheless, this is a great weekend getaway option because it is familiar to both of you, allowing you to feel comfortable in a place that you know. This means you can spend more time focusing on your date instead. If things were to go sour, you also have an easy out. To make this option truly feel like a getaway, do something new that you haven’t done before.
  2. Visit A New City Or TownIf you are feeling more adventurous, road tripping to a nearby city or town that you haven’t been to before is a very casual approach to the weekend getaway for couples who are only casually dating. You can follow the typical script in terms of activities or dates that you might go on in your hometown together, but you will simply do those things in an entirely new city or town. Perhaps you visit an art exhibit or spend a few hours at a coffeeshop. This provides a sense of familiarity with the added boost of excitement from being in a new place together.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid To Try A More Adventurous Weekend GetawayIf you are up for a more adventurous weekend getaway, you can certainly feel comfortable bringing up the idea to your date. As far as your options go, this will ultimately depend on your particular location, as well as your own personal interests. However, more adventurous weekend getaways might include going wine touring, hiking at a national park, going horseback riding or taking a weekend cooking class. All of these more adventurous options allow you to do something new together as if you were on vacation but on a much smaller scale — that is, without the commitment of spending a lot of hours together.

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