4 Spring Outfits That Are Perfect For First Dates

Dating Tips | May 23, 2016

Perfect Spring Date Outfits

Choosing an outfit for a first date is not always an easy task: you want to look pulled together, be comfortable, and still retain your unique sense of self. In a snap judgement from your date, your outfit will make a statement about who you are: keep in mind that a smart outfit will increase your physical attractiveness.

Here are some first date outfit ideas that are perfect for the spring season:


  1. Outfit 1: Sports Jacket, Collared Button Down Shirt, Denim Jeans/Khakis and Leather Shoes
    This outfit idea is a great option for more formal dates, like dinner at an upscale restaurant or the theatre. Always check the dress requirements of your date setting. A dark sport jacket with a light coloured top (ensure that it is pressed, tucked in and buttoned down at the top) and dark pants makes for a smart outfit. Consider adding an accessory to top off your outfit, like a belt that matches your shoes, a watch or a pocket square – a little pop of colour can serve you well. Opt out of a tie, which can look like you are putting forth too much effort.
  2. Outfit 2: Polo, Denim Jeans and Canvas Shoes
    This is a great option for more casual dates, such as a picnic outdoors, for example. Ensure that your polo fits you well and opt for dark coloured denim jeans. If you substitute any other types of shoes, ensure that you avoid dress shoes, running shoes and sandals.

In addition to these above outfit ideas, here are some things you should avoid when it comes to your first-date attire:

  • Avoid light coloured or white-washed jeans with rips in them.
  • Avoid jewelry as this can quickly make an outfit look overdone.


  1. Outfit 1. Fitted Jeans, Dress Top/T-Shirt, Blazer Jacket and Flats
    This is a great outfit option for more casual dates that might be outside. You can also substitute a camisole for the t-shirt if you are having an evening dinner date. Keep in mind that women can get away with wearing a t-shirt on a first date more than men can. Always choose colours that work well with your skintone.
  2. Outfit 2: Dress, Blazer Jacket and Boots/Wedges/Strappy Sandals
    Depending on the setting of your date, a dress makes for a sophisticated first date option, provided it’s not too revealing. A great rule of thumb for choosing a dress is to choose one that shows of your best assets. A piece of statement jewelry can add an extra element to your outfit, as well.

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Dressing in clothing that is not comfortable
    Comfort should always be your first priority. You do not want to be constantly pulling and prodding at your clothing.
  • Anything you have to wear body control underwear with
    If you’re physically uncomfortable throughout the date, it’ll be hard not to concentrate on that. Wear clothes that are naturally flattering so you don’t have to fall back on Spanx and other too-tight pieces.

Your first impression will speak volumes, so make sure your outfit is saying the right things. For more information, contact Bespoke Matchmaking today.

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