4 Trending Shoe Styles For Your Next Fall Date

Date Ideas | October 10, 2016

Fall Shoe Trends

Dressing well on a date is a necessity. It creates a strong personal impression and suggests that you take care of yourself. Dressing well is particularly important on a first date. One way to look put together on a date is to pay extra attention to your choice of footwear. Shoes from past eras are making a comeback this year. Here are four trendy shoe styles straight from the runway. These trends can easily be adapted to fall-appropriate shoes for your date.

  1. Pointy Toes

    One of the biggest fall (and winter) 2016 footwear trends for men and women alike is shoes that have pointy toes — a very chic option. Pointy shoes also elongate your frame, making you appear even more attractive. You can wear any style of printed shoe, making this trend perfect for just about any fall date, whether casual or more formal.

  2. Footwear with Prints

    Footwear with prints, whether it’s a floral print or a cheetah print, is in style this season. Both men and women can incorporate this new trend into any type of shoe, depending on the particular date you’re going on.

  3. Boots: Over the Ankle and Mid-Calf

    Over the ankle boots have appeared in nearly all collections this year, making them one of the trendiest options this fall. They are perfect for more casual dates, such as a trip to an apple orchard, allowing you to make a statement with your shoe without going overboard.

    Mid-calf boots are also on-trend this season, a trend that began at New York Fashion Week. Mid-calf boots are great for a more upscale or formal date; they will also keep your legs warm and comfortable in the cool fall air. Both of these options can be dressed up or down, depending on the location of your date.

  4. Knee Length Boots

    Knee length boots never go out of style, making an appearance in many collections every year. You likely have a pair in your closet already. Not only do knee length boots keep you warm, but they are also a very sensual looking type of footwear, ideal if you want to look extra sleek. This type of shoe is great for more upscale fall dates, such as a trip to the winery.

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