4 Unique But Effective Ways To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Easier

Long Distance Dating | September 19, 2016

Unique Ways To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Easier

When it comes to long distance relationships, you’ve likely heard all of the different ways to make it easier: talk regularly, play an online game together, etc. But here are some new and yet, equally effective, ways to spice up your relationship and make it easier at the same time.

  1. View it as an Opportunity

    It is important to change the lens through which you view your long distance relationship — that is, make sure that you view it as something positive. Instead of seeing a long-distance relationship as pulling the two of you apart, see it as an opportunity that will, at the end of it, make your relationship stronger.

  2. Use Snapchat

    In a long distance relationship, it is important to update your partner about the mundane details of your day. This keeps the two of you connected (of course, ensure that you don’t go overboard). Snapchat, an instant messaging app, is a very creative platform to do this. You can send short videos and pictures, and even personalize them with your own text, filter and stamp, in a way that doesn’t require a lot of cognitive resources. Another advantage is that ‘snaps’ can be viewed by your significant partner at a time that is best for them; even without having you there at that exact moment in time, your partner will be left feeling cared for. Even better, Snapchats disappear once you send them, so this is a great medium to send your partner more racy snaps.

  3. Cook and Eat Together: Date Night

    When it comes to long distance relationships, you likely know that is important to speak to your significant other regularly. But it is equally important to do the things that couples would traditionally do together as well. Luckily, we live in a time where that is possible. One idea is to cook, eat and do the dishes together. Simply set up a video call on your phone or laptop on your countertop. Similarly, watching a television show together is also a great idea to spend time doing things that most couples do.

  4. Send an Old-Fashioned Love Letter

    Sending an old-fashioned love letter is an intimate way to express your love in a way that may be difficult to do in person. At the end of the letter, your partner will be left feeling loved. Even better, you will eventually be able to look back on these precious letters and look at how far you’ve come. Care packages are also a great idea.

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