4 Ways To Make Bicoastal Relationships Work

Long Distance Dating | May 2, 2016

Making Long Distance Relationships Work

Studies show that bi-coastal couples are just as content, and perhaps even more so, than couples that are close in proximity. Similarly, there is evidence to suggest that those in bicoastal relationships also have a greater depth of emotional intimacy. However, there are certainly unique challenges that arise in long distance dating, which is why you should consider the following points in order to secure the success of your relationship.

  1. Discuss Your Partner’s Needs and Be Honest With Each Other
    This sets up expectations for your relationship in a clearly defined way so that neither partner is disappointed. This includes discussing how often you will communicate with each other, as well as the boundaries of your relationship, including whether or not you’re going to be monogamous while in the infancy of your relationship.

    Remember to be open and honest about any hesitations you have. Interestingly, it is not the distance that can threaten a bicoastal relationship, but rather the expectations and how this compares to the actual relationship.

  2. Carve Out Time for Each other (But Don’t Go Overboard)
    Just as couples in close proximity carve out time for each other, it is just as important that those in a long distance relationship do the same. Plan trips together online or watch a movie at the same time. Utilize technology, particularly video calls and texting to your advantage. Don’t forget to mention the mundane details of your day.

    Consider sending little messages throughout the day to remind your partner that you care for them, but do so in moderation. All of this will promote a healthy relationship through the intimacy that is created when you spend time with your significant other.

    However, remember that you do not have to spend all day talking to each other to compensate for the lack of proximity – in fact, this can be detrimental to your relationship. Communication is essential, but do not go overboard.

  3. Always Have Your Next Meet Up Planned
    It is important to at least have an idea of when you will get to see your significant other next. This gives both couples something to look forward to, which is paramount to be able to cope with the time apart. Keep in mind that you always want to be working toward the future, which means considering the ultimate end to your long distance relationship. It is important to discuss this with your partner so that your relationship continues to progress.
  4. Socialize Outside of Your Relationship
    This is also important when it comes to being able to cope with the distance, and allows you to maintain a healthy social balance when you’re apart from your significant other. Additionally, it gives you a lot to talk about during your next video call.

Long distance relationships have a high chance of surviving if both parties are willing to put in the effort. For more information on how to give your relationship the best survival odds from the start, contact the experts at Bespoke for more information.

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