5 Best Getaways For Gay Singles

Best Locations | April 17, 2017

Getaways For Gay Singles

There are many ways to find gay singles, but encountering someone in the context of a getaway adds a whole other dimension — a touch of adventure and the unexpected. If you are looking to meet someone in an unexpected setting, here are five of the best getaways for gay singles; you will find a mix of cities, countries and events on this list.

  1. Take A Gay-Friendly Cruise

    In recent years, there has been a rise in cruises specifically for gay and lesbian groups. As such, these are among the best getaways, especially when it comes to meeting someone new. If you are looking to meet someone in a setting that is a bit more arranged than others on this list, taking a cruise may be the option for you.

    There are many gay-friendly cruise lines depending upon where you want to sail away to. The Caribbean and Los Angeles are only a few of your options.

  2. Stockholm, Sweden

    Stockholm is often hailed as a favourite for gay travellers, which is naturally why it finds itself on this list. The “unofficial” gay hotel is Berns Hotel. Stockholm offers something for everyone, from culture and art to outdoor activities, shopping and more. Don’t forget to visit the gay nightlife scene, too!

  3. Thailand

    Thailand is often cited as one of the best gay-friendly getaways, particularly in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. You will even find a gay adventure tour operator here. From Thailand’s beaches to its nightlife, city life and temples, there is something for everyone.

  4. Take Advantage Of Gay-Friendly Hotel Packages In The Gay Meccas Of The World

    There are many different cities that offer gay-friendly hotels, which offer packages that specifically focus on allowing you to find gay singles. If this sounds like something that appeals to you, you have many different options in terms of cities: Toronto, New York City, San Francisco and West Hollywood are just a few. Palm Springs also has a number of more intimate resorts if you prefer that kind of setting instead.

  5. Celebrate At A Pride Festival

    Pride festivals are a great reason to turn the weekend into a getaway — even better, you are bound to meet new friends and even a potential life-long match! Pride festivals offer a chance to meet someone new in a different setting than a nightclub. Some of the best pride parades in the world are in London, Sydney and Berlin, but the options are endless!

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