5 Best Locations For A Weekend Getaway

Best Locations | June 20, 2016

Best Locations For A Weekend Getaway

With the summer here, people tend to milk their weekends for all that they are worth, and for good reason. Weekend getaways are fun because they are short enough that they don’t require a lot of luggage or planning and still provide enough rest and relaxation that you can look forward to it all week. Below are 5 of the best ideas for a quick weekend getaway.

Rent a house.

With the advent of things like rental-by-owner and Airbnb, renting a house in a beautiful location is now easier than ever. Within minutes you can set up a weekend getaway, using someone else’s house as home base, and enjoy a location from the comfort of home, even if it’s not your own.

Go for a drive.

Plan to drive in a certain direction for a certain amount of time and stop when you see somewhere appealing. You can do this with camping gear, or simply keep an eye out for a little resort or motel on the side of the road that you can use as a pad from which to explore.


Most people don’t realize how many camping options they have within an hour’s drive of where they live. A two person tent, some wine, some campfire food and some trail shoes and you can spend the weekend sleeping close to the earth, in nature, next to someone special.

Casino night.

Planning a casino night can be a lot of fun because of all of the entertainment options available. Budget some money for slots or blackjack, take in a show, have a nice meal and spend a couple nights in a suite.

Be a tourist in your own town.

Just because you live somewhere, doesn’t mean you have seen and experienced all it has to offer. Rent a hotel suite downtown for the weekend and take in a tourist attraction or two. You will get to see where you live from the perspective of an outsider, while feeling comfortable that you are still on your home turf. Easy thrill, not much driving.

Weekend getaways are necessary to building relationships. Fun trips and excursions together are the stuff memories are made of, and it doesn’t take much effort, or money to plan something exciting without having to venture too far from home. Consider the above five weekend getaway ideas and do something memorable with somebody special.

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