5 Dating Tips For Introverts

Dating Tips | November 6, 2017

Dating Tips For Introverts

Introverted people become mentally drained after being in social situations for certain periods of time. They need to go home and recharge after. Extroverts are the opposite: social situations energize them.

Introvert Dating Tips

It is sometimes thought that introverted people are shy or quiet, but this is not always the case, although they certainly can be. Nevertheless, dating can be challenging for introverts since it taps into their limited social interaction reserves.

  1. Spend Time Getting to Know Your Date in Writing First

    Introverts tend to favour expressing themselves in writing. Get to know your date first through email or other computer-mediated means. That way, once you meet your date in person, you can move beyond small talk (something else introverts tend to avoid) toward more intimate topics.

  2. Choose a Quiet Location

    Introverts tend to feel overwhelmed and distracted in busy settings, so choosing a location where it’s relatively quiet and distraction free can be beneficial for the introvert.

  3. Push Yourself But Know Your Limits

    For most people, dating naturally requires some degree of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. It can be uncomfortable, but it can also be rewarding. Introverts are especially in need of that initial push to date and maintain that momentum.

    As an introvert, you should set reasonable goals (e.g., “I will go on one date every other week”) but also understand your limits. Also don’t make it hard on yourself if you’ve realized you’ve hit your limits — cancelling is perfectly acceptable.

  4. Speak About Your Introversion

    Whether in your online dating profile or during your initial conversations, making mention of your introversion, however briefly, can accomplish a couple of things. First, not everyone has embraced their own introversion, so acknowledging it can reduce any pressure in whatever form that exists for you.

    It can also serve as a compatibility test between you and your date. While an introvert doesn’t need to date another introvert to be compatible, having someone understand your needs beforehand can set expectations for the future in that the other person understands your need for down time and so on.

  5. Consider Matchmaking Services

    Matchmaking services match you with a few carefully selected individuals who you are likely to be highly compatible with. The need to continually go out on dates is limited because you are much more likely to be matched with someone compatible early on compared to other gay dating methods such as dating apps. This is something to consider.

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