5 Signs She’s Interested

Lesbian Dating | November 27, 2017

Signs She’s Interested

When it comes to lesbian dating, women are often left wondering whether the other person is interested or not.

Signed She’s Interested In You

The point is that someone has caught your attention. You are contemplating pursuing something further, but you’re wondering if your feelings are reciprocated — that is, whether she’s interested, too. The reality is that women signal their romantic interest in many different ways.

  1. Body Language Cues

    A woman can signal that they are interested in you via a variety of body language cues. Some examples here include eye contact, smiling and a lot of touch. Touch is a particularly a classic sign that someone is interested. It is a sign that they are respectfully trying to communicate romantic interest.

  2. Tone

    Is she playful and perhaps even flirty when in your presence? Do you know her well enough to know that she doesn’t act like that around others? If so, it could be a sign that she’s interested.

  3. She Compliments You

    If she compliments you, this may be her way of signaling that she’s interested in you. She may even take it a step beyond this by actually surprising you with little things like bringing you a coffee or bringing you a book she thinks you might like to read. The point is that these thoughtful touches can certainly signal interest.

  4. She Wants to Know More About You

    Does she seem to take an interest in you? Perhaps you find her asking a lot of questions about you. Maybe she’s even suggested that you get together. Of course, if she doesn’t do this it doesn’t mean that she isn’t necessarily interested; it could simply mean that she’s on the shyer side.

    In general, though, any effort to get to know you more can definitely be a sign of interest.

  5. She Remembers the Little Things You Say

    Does she seem to remember the little things you say? Perhaps she remembered that you mentioned how you’ve been meaning to try a new restaurant in town and then references it in another conversation. This is a sign that she is listening to you and with that, there’s a strong possibility that she could be interested.

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