5 Uncommon Summer Date Ideas

Date Ideas | June 13, 2016

Uncommon Summer Date Ideas

Warm weather means warm blood, which means people are out meeting each other and pursuing romantic interests. Find any patio, anywhere on a warm evening and there is a good chance that many of the couples you see are on their very first date. Some of these budding romances might blossom into full blown relationships. Others may fizzle out after the first five minutes.

If you want to make sure that you’re avoiding the latter, here are 5 uncommon summer date ideas to make sure you stay memorable:

A yard sale.

Yard sales can be both fun and interesting because it is an unusual first date suggestion. Rummaging through someone else’s old junk can be a fun way to share a laugh or a mutually puzzled look over something funny or strange. It is also more of a morning/afternoon date idea, which is less intimidating.

Have a picnic.

This wouldn’t seem like an uncommon suggestion many years ago, but picnics don’t seem to be as much in vogue these days as they used to, at least not among the dating demographic. Pick up a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers and some fruit and head to a local green space and get to know each other.

Rent a kayak.

If you live near a waterway, one of the best summer date options available is right there in your own backyard. Most cities and towns have a few places where you can rent a kayak or a canoe for a couple of hours and paddle around. It’s a good way to get some exercise and it requires some team work, which will help you bond.

Outdoor movie.

Outdoor movies, again, many years ago, would not seem like an uncommon date idea. Drive-ins were all the rage and many places are trying to keep the spirit alive by offering outdoor movies during the summer. Grab a blanket and some snacks and head down to the local park to watch a cool retro movie.

Go berry picking.

Human beings are hunter/gathers and nothing is more primal than going out and collecting your own food. Berry picking is fun because you can pick and eat at the same time. If the picking goes well, why not suggest making a pie or a crumble on date number 2?

Dating can be confusing, annoying, complicated and exhilarating, sometimes all at once. What you suggest for a date says a lot about your personality, and inventiveness and clever suggestions are always appreciated. If you are racking your brain for novel date ideas and can’t seem to think of any, consider the above 5 and hopefully there will be many more in your future.

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