5 Ways To Celebrate The Holidays With Someone You’ve Just Started Dating

Dating Tips | December 19, 2016

Celebrating The Holidays With Someone New

Celebrating the holidays with someone you’ve only just started dating can be tricky for a variety of reasons. Not only is there a lot going on, from work parties to gift shopping, but holidays are always very family centered, which can be difficult if you have yet to meet your partner’s family. Perhaps you feel the pressure to make the holiday season absolutely perfect for you and your partner. The good news is that depending upon your comfort level, you can still (and should!) indulge in the holiday spirit with your partner, regardless of how long you’ve been dating. Here are five ways to do that.

  1. Go On A Holiday-Inspired Date

    Perhaps the two of you spend an evening ice skating or you spend a cozy night at home watching a holiday classic while drinking hot cocoa. The options for holiday-inspired dates are endless. The benefit is you can still soak up the holiday atmosphere together but without lot of strings attached. This is a great idea if you don’t yet feel comfortable meeting your partner’s family. You never know — these dates might form the very traditions in the years to come!

  2. Throw A Casual Holiday Party

    Throwing a holiday party together, such as the classic ugly Christmas sweater party, is a great way to get into the Christmas cheer while allowing your partner to meet your group of friends in a more casual setting than something like a work-related holiday event.

  3. Introduce Them To Some Of Your Holiday Traditions

    Perhaps you have your own set of traditions that you do on your own, like making a batch of holiday cookies leading up to Christmas. Whatever it is, you can invite your partner to partake in your own little traditions, which will allow your partner to get you know you better but without the stress of having to become completely immersed in all of your family’s holiday traditions. You may not be at the level of starting your own traditions as a couple, but this is still a fun start.

  4. Visit Each Other’s Families Leading Up To Christmas

    If you haven’t yet met your partner’s parents or you have only met them on a few occasions, spending time with them leading up to the holidays is a good alternative to spending the actual holiday day with them. Of course, if both feel comfortable spending the holidays with their partners, it is certainly acceptable to do so. If this isn’t the case yet, spending a casual evening partaking in some of your partner’s family’s traditions, whether it is helping to decorate the tree, for example, is a good happy medium.

  5. Spend New Year’s Eve Together

    You might not yet be at the level where you are spending Christmas (or other holidays) together. However, there is still New Year’s Eve to spend with your partner. In fact, it can be just as magical.

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