6 Advantages Of Gay Relationships Vs. Straight Relationships

Dating Tips | December 26, 2016

Gay Relationship Advantages

Although gay couples are still fighting for their rights in various parts of the world, they may feel comfort knowing that their relationships are not only worth fighting for, but also that they may even be advantageous over straight relationships.

  1. No Gender Roles

    In gay relationships, the absence of traditional gender roles is very evident. This can be beneficial because the couple spends time figuring out these roles in a way that is much more balanced. In this way, gay couples don’t fall into these stereotypical roles as those in straight relationships often do. The benefit of not having any gender roles is that the relationship is much more balanced, more free and the problems that can arise from these gender roles, such as resentment, don’t often become a source of tension for gay couples.

  2. They Handle Arguments Much Better

    Based on the literature on the topic, those in same-sex relationships have been shown to communicate differently, and better, than those in heterosexual relationships when it comes to tension. Those in gay relationships, for example, react to conflict better on the whole and also are more inclined to deal with issues in more positive ways. They are also less hostile and take things less personally than those in straight relationships.

  3. They Can Be More Stable

    The research on the topic of gay relationships shows that gay relationships can be more stable than heterosexual relationships over time.

  4. Better Understanding

    While every person is unique, being in a relationship with someone who is the same gender as you can result in a certain understanding. This can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including on a more intimate level. For example, studies have shown that gay couples feel more comfortable talking about what they need on a physical level, leading to higher levels of affection.

  5. Less Social Pressure

    Gay couples can experience less social pressures to move their life in a certain direction than those in straight relationships. For example, perhaps their parents put less pressure on them to have grandchildren. Some people would certainly see this as a form of liberation.

  6. A Strong Foundation

    Having a common cause to fight for, such as LGBT rights, can strengthen a relationship and bring a couple closer together. Gay relationships often share this bond from the very beginning of their relationship, which unites them. It allows them to be more fulfilled in life and in their relationships as they fight for love, acceptance and for what’s right.

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