6 Spring Date Ideas

Date Ideas | May 8, 2017

Spring Date Ideas

Spring has officially arrived; that means warm weather and a fresh beginning hang in the air. When it comes to dating, spring may in fact be one of the best times for dating, as it provides the perfect opportunity to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors. With that, here are six spring date ideas.

Spring Date Tips

  1. Go On Bike Ride (And Stop For A Picnic)

    Is there anything much more romantic than a bike ride along the boardwalk? Many major cities offer bicycle-sharing systems. Find a scenic bike path in your area and cruise the trails. It’s also a great opportunity to stop at unexpected places in your city along the way.

    Alternatively, you could also stop for a picnic somewhere along the way. Strawberries and champagne make it date appropriate. Alternatively, skip the bike ride altogether and make the picnic the sole date idea if you’re so inclined.

  2. Go Wine Tasting

    If you live near a winery, a great spring date option is to go wine tasting. Just ensure that you have a responsible plan in place for getting back home. If not, consider making it an overnight affair and staying the night in a hotel.

  3. Go To A Drive-Thru Movie Theatre

    Spring is around the time when drive-thru movie theaters begin to open. It’s a spin on the classic dinner and movie combination — just the spring version! As such, it’s certainly a go-to first date option. An alternative to the drive-thru movie theatre is to set up a projector in your own backyard!

  4. Visit Your Local Botanical Garden

    Flowers tend to make everything much more romantic. A unique day date would be a visit to your local botanical garden — especially great for nature lovers. The serenity will allow you to really zero in on each other. A spin on the botanical garden would be to visit a beer garden instead if you fancy a drink.

  5. Go To A Baseball Game

    If you’re sports fanatics or simply enjoy the lively atmosphere of a baseball game, this is a fun casual date option for when you just want to have a bit of fun.

  6. Volunteer Together

    Have you considered volunteering at an animal shelter, for example, and taking a dog for a stroll through the park? This is a rewarding experience that can bring the two of you closer together and allow you to connect on a more meaningful level.

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