6 Things You Should Always Reveal About Yourself On A First Date

Dating Tips | September 13, 2016

Things You Should Always Reveal On A First Date

You have likely come across a lot of advice about all of the things you should never say on a first date. In fact, you may now find yourself in a position of being worried about oversharing. However, contrary to popular opinion, there are a number of things that you should always reveal on a first date in order for your date to get to know you better and for you to get to know him or her better. With that, here are six things you should always reveal about yourself on a first date.

  1. The Basics

    Revealing the basics about yourself, including your age, what you do for work and where you live, for example, is often a good place to start if you haven’t already discussed this with your date.

  2. What You’re Looking For

    If you’re only looking for a casual type of relationship and nothing serious, this is the type of information you want to reveal to your date. It will establish your own expectations early on and prevent any tension from occurring in the future.

  3. Your Values or Personal Beliefs

    Navigating the topic of your values or personal beliefs, such as your thoughts on family (and if you hope to have one in the future) can be risky; however, revealing this information early on is important to establish whether or not you and your date share the same values and whether or not your date is worth pursuing.

  4. Your Passions

    Your passions are, in some ways, the very essence of your being. Revealing this to your date will allow him or her to get a sense of who you are in a way that is not too revealing. Interestingly, according to Steinberg, a well-known psychologist, speaking about your passions makes you feel positive emotions, such as happiness, which is very attractive to your date.

  5. Your Interests

    You can reveal a lot about yourself (and equally learn a lot about someone else) by revealing your love of old books or bad movies. Similarly, asking this type of question to your date will also help you to evaluate whether or not you share any common ground.

  6. How You Spend Your Weekends

    Revealing how you spend your weekends is just intimate enough. Simultaneously, it allows your date to get a feel for your lifestyle and your personality at the same time.

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