7 Taboo Topics To Avoid On A Date

Dating Tips | October 2, 2016

Taboo Date Topics

There was once a long list of topics to avoid discussing on a date, leaving many to believe that the only thing left to discuss was what they had ordered for dinner. Today, however, it is more acceptable to discuss topics that were once deemed taboo. Of course, there are a few things that should still be avoided. With that, here are seven taboo topics to avoid discussing on a first date.

  1. Your Past Relationships

    Discussing your past relationships — even in a positive manner — should be avoided. The reason for this is that it can potentially suggest that you aren’t ready for a relationship or that the date is only a rebound. This is not a productive way to begin a potentially new relationship.

  2. Money

    Discussing money on a date (especially a first date!) should be avoided because of the impression it can create. Your date may think that you’re superficial or unromantic.

  3. Marriage and Children

    The topic of marriage and children on a first date is generally regarded as a taboo topic. If these things are important to you, however, it doesn’t mean that you can’t discuss them; simply proceed with caution when discussing this delicate subject matter. Instead of directly asking them about their thoughts on marriage and children, you could indirectly ask them questions such as, “What is your family like?”

  4. Intimate Details

    Intimate details are best left until you know your date on a deeper level. Revealing intimate information about yourself can make you appear as though you are desperate and can make your date uncomfortable.

  5. Strange Habits

    It is best to reveal your quirky, strange habits at a later date so as not to potentially turn your date off.

  6. Controversial Topics

    Traditional taboo topics include politics and religion. These topics don’t necessarily need to be avoided, but you should proceed with caution when discussing them, as they can lead to a very unpleasant date if you happen to disagree with each other.

  7. Yourself

    While you certainly want to tell your date more about yourself, be careful about making every conversation about you. This can suggest that you are very self-involved, which can be very unappealing to your date. Always be sure to ask your date plenty of questions.

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