8 Fun Winter Date Ideas

Date Ideas | November 7, 2016

Winter Date Ideas

Winter is perhaps one of the most romantic seasons of them all — not only do you have the holiday season as a magical backdrop, but the chilly, snowy weather makes you want to get extra close to your significant other. Here are eight fun winter date ideas.

  1. Go Ice Skating Or Skiing/Snowboarding

    This classic winter date is a must. If you can find an outdoor rink, that is even better. Hold hands and skate under the magic of the winter’s night sky. Similarly, going skiing or snowboarding can also be a very fun way to spend the afternoon together. Consider also going skiing at night time — this will add an additional level of romanticism to the date.

  2. Go To A Snow-Themed Event In A Nearby Town

    Attending a snow-themed event in a country town is a very classic Canadian activity. Spend the afternoon tasting maple syrup on snow and building ice castles. This unique activity would make a casual but yet memorable date idea.

  3. Go Tobogganing

    A fun winter date idea that you may not have considered is to go tobogganing or sledding together. You will more than likely have very fond memories of doing this as a child, so the date will provide a lot of nostalgia and make you feel like a child again. You may be surprised at how much laughing the two of you do! Follow it up with hot chocolate while discussing your fondest childhood memories.

  4. See A Hockey Game

    Going to a hockey game is a low-key yet lively, atmospheric experience that makes for a fun date — especially if you or your date happen to be hockey fans.

  5. Take A Walk In A Winter Wonderland

    Make snow angels in a nearby park or forest and enjoy the magic of the winter’s snow.

  6. Build A Gingerbread House

    Put your creative abilities to use and build a gingerbread house together. Follow it up with a cozy holiday movie classic afterward.

  7. Snowshoe Under The Moonlight

    If you are looking for a particularly romantic date idea, consider going snowshoeing under the moonlight. Of course, don’t forget the flashlight.

  8. Walk Around Looking At Christmas Lights

    For another holiday-related date idea, bundling up and walking around your neighbourhood looking at all of the Christmas lights will make you both feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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