Lesbian couple hugging on a building rooftop

September 10, 2018

Lesbian & Queer First Date Guide: Dating Tips & Advice

Going on a first date is always nerve wracking, no matter how many times you’ve done it — and this is doubly true for blind dates and those you’ve met online. Meeting someone for the first time can be a…

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Lesbian Summer Getaways

August 9, 2018

Lesbian Summer Getaways

Whether you prefer laying on a beach or hitting up the museums, one thing is for sure — the summer months are perfect for lesbian getaways. You may be hopping on a plane with your long-time girlfriend, or maybe you’re…

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Summer Date Ideas For Lesbians

August 2, 2018

Summer Date Ideas for Lesbians

It’s summertime, which means sunshine, fresh air, and opportunities for romance. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just meeting that special woman for the first time, there are so many ways to impress her during the warm summer months….

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How To Date As An Insecure Gay/Bi Man

July 23, 2018

How to Date as an Insecure Gay/Bi Man

How to date when you’re an insecure gay/bi man isn’t a whole lot different than it is for an insecure straight man. In both cases, we feel insecure because we are worried that our real self is not interesting enough…

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Romantic Gay Movies For Date Night

July 16, 2018

10 Romantic Gay Movies for Date Night

Finding an enjoyable date movie that both partners will enjoy — whether it’s for a night out at the theatre or just snuggling on the couch with some microwavable popcorn — can be a challenge. If you’re a gay couple…

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The Best LGBT Songs To Confess Your Love

June 18, 2018

The Best LGBT Songs To Confess Your Love

Many of us have fond memories tied to love songs. Whether it’s the song that was playing when you met the person you’d share your first kiss with or the song you danced to at your wedding, songs can have…

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Lesbian Date Ideas

June 11, 2018

10 Great Lesbian Date Ideas

When we think of a date, the mind often conjures the usual image of a fancy dinner by candlelight, staring into each other’s eyes across the table. Maybe hands brushing in a movie theater as you both reach for the…

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