Sci-Fi Media And Sexuality

January 11, 2017

How Sci-Fi Media Teaches Us About Sexuality

Sci-fi media, whether it is television or film, has been credited with expanding our horizons across many fronts, including increasing our awareness regarding sexuality. Although same-sex marriage is legal in Canada, that is not true around most of the world,…

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LGBT Travel Destinations

January 4, 2017

Top LGBT Travel Destinations

Here is a list of some of the top LGBT-friendly travel destinations in the world, which will make your next trip even more magical. Köln (Cologne), Germany If you are looking to travel to Europe and meet a lot of…

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Gay Relationship Advantages

December 26, 2016

6 Advantages Of Gay Relationships Vs. Straight Relationships

Although gay couples are still fighting for their rights in various parts of the world, they may feel comfort knowing that their relationships are not only worth fighting for, but also that they may even be advantageous over straight relationships….

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Celebrating The Holidays With Someone New

December 19, 2016

5 Ways To Celebrate The Holidays With Someone You’ve Just Started Dating

Celebrating the holidays with someone you’ve only just started dating can be tricky for a variety of reasons. Not only is there a lot going on, from work parties to gift shopping, but holidays are always very family centered, which…

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Common Relationship Mistakes

December 12, 2016

Common Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes are inevitable in relationships. In fact, many of these mistakes are actually very common. However, they can lead to an unhealthy relationship and even cause your relationship to end entirely if you do not address them. Here are some…

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Weekend Getaways For Casual Daters

December 5, 2016

3 Weekend Getaways That You Can Plan While Only Casually Dating

Getaways are not simply for those in serious, committed relationships. Not only are getaways still appropriate for casual daters, but they are also beneficial for less serious relationships, allowing you to learn more about each other and increase your level…

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First Date Questions

November 28, 2016

Questions To Ask On A First Date

When it comes to appropriate questions to ask on a first date, the first thing you may think of is questions that should not be asked. Of course, you want to learn more about your date and may have a…

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