Lesbian Summer Getaways

August 9, 2018

Lesbian Summer Getaways

Whether you prefer laying on a beach or hitting up the museums, one thing is for sure — the summer months are perfect for lesbian getaways. You may be hopping on a plane with your long-time girlfriend, or maybe you’re…

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Gay-Friendly Travel Destinations

January 8, 2018

Top Gay And Lesbian-Friendly Travel Destinations

When it comes to LGBT-friendly travel destinations, the good news is that you have a lot to choose from. The destinations on this list are places that not only welcome those from the gay community, but also cater to the…

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Getaways For Gay Singles

April 17, 2017

5 Best Getaways For Gay Singles

There are many ways to find gay singles, but encountering someone in the context of a getaway adds a whole other dimension — a touch of adventure and the unexpected. If you are looking to meet someone in an unexpected…

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LGBT Travel Destinations

January 4, 2017

Top LGBT Travel Destinations

Here is a list of some of the top LGBT-friendly travel destinations in the world, which will make your next trip even more magical. Köln (Cologne), Germany If you are looking to travel to Europe and meet a lot of…

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Best Locations For A Weekend Getaway

June 20, 2016

5 Best Locations For A Weekend Getaway

With the summer here, people tend to milk their weekends for all that they are worth, and for good reason. Weekend getaways are fun because they are short enough that they don’t require a lot of luggage or planning and…

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