Bespoke Matchmaking offers it’s clients a very personalized service. Every client has individual needs and that is why are packages are customized based on the client’s individual requirements. Our clients are intelligent, cultured, self starters who are not defined by their sexuality and are known for initiating positive change.

We meet with each and every client giving them a private one on one consultation with the executive matchmaker. When we meet with the client and get to know them we are able to asses what is most important to them and what they are looking for in a partner. Are they new to dating? Have they had a long- term relationship before? How experienced are they and what type of experiences have they had in the relationship department? Some clients require more coaching then others.

Bespoke factors in each client’s individual needs in order to determine what would be the best package for them. The executive matchmaker during the consultation will recommend a package for the client that will best suit their requirements.

We understand the challenges of gay and lesbian dating. Our firm provides a highly regarded alternative to the typical forms of dating. We focus on what truly matters as defined by our members and build tailored solutions for each one of them.

Our process is designed to greatly increase the possibility of meeting your ideal partner while keeping your personal needs clearly in focus.

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