Dating Challenges For Gay Men

Blog | March 24, 2015


Dating is something we all get excited to do but; at the same time dread the challenges it presents. It can provide anxiety and challenges for straight couples but has its own unique set of challenges for gay men. If you are not into the bar scene, gay dating websites or gay dating mobile applications; then where do you start? There are times when you are not quite sure the man you have a crush on is even gay? Here are some of the challenges dating presents for gay men.

The “Gorgeous” Man

• As it is the gay dating pool is smaller than the heterosexual pool. Add on top of that physical appearance and setting the bar so high can shrink the gay dating pool even further. To start if you live in a rural area or a small town it is even harder to meet gay men, but if you set your expectations too high looking for the ‘perfect man’ will make the search even harder. Whatever happened to beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Even if he does not have a six pack or the perfect broad shoulders perhaps it is his attractive pearly white smile or the twinkle in his eyes that attracts you to him. There has to be levels of physical attraction. However narrowing your preferences to only dating perfect hairless muscular white men that are at least six feet tall will make finding a partner like finding a needle in a haystack. Keep your options open and remember physical appearance is important but so are sharing simmilar core values and having things in common. Set your eyes on your long-term relationship goals and remember you want someone who you can be compatible with and build a long term sustainable relationship with. There are so many qualities that make a man beautiful and they are not all just physical.

Distinguishing Gay Men from Straight Men

• At times it can be difficult to distinguish a straight man from a gay man. It may be someone you bump into frequently, but not at a gay bar or an online gay dating website. It may be at the gym or a coffee shop where you pick up your morning beverage. The signs are there and the attraction you think is mutual, but you are still not sure. There is never any harm as you have exchanged glances and even a little meaningless chit chat. Take a casual risk and invite him out for a cocktail after work. You never know until you try. Continually visiting the same bars where all the gay men in your area go or going to the same meet-up group you have attended for the last 5 years becomes a dead end avenue. Always, keep your eyes open as you never know who you may meet turning the next corner.

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