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Ask the Expert | December 7, 2015

Dear Carol,
I have noticed that my partner and I are less intimate over the last six months. I am worried that she is not attracted to me any longer or worse that she is finding intimacy somewhere else. How do I address the situation?

Dear Shaken,
Intimacy is a very important part of any relationship. Intimacy comes in all different forms and is not just sexual but is emotional as well. It is also normal to be more intimate in the beginning of a relationship as opposed to when you have been involved for a while. Instead of being shaken maybe it is time to shake up the relationship a little bit. Plan an intimate romantic evening where you do something different then what you have in the past. If this does not work it is time to communicate what you are feeling and get to the root of the problem. Do not have this conversation in the heat of the moment but when you are calm and ready to have an open discussion. Sometimes people get caught up in the routine of day to day life and put intimacy on the back burner because they are tired or distracted. Let her know how you are feeling and arrange a date night once a week where you plan an intimate romantic evening where you just focus on each other. You will be surprised how expressing your feelings is sometimes all it takes to put the love back into the relationship. You both need to feel love and be loved.

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