How to be even MORE Handsome?

Blog | November 21, 2014

It is so important to take pride in our appearance. Gay men in general are very aware of what they look like and tend to stay in shape and visit the gym regularly.. Sometimes it is easy to forget the things that seem so obvious. We live in a superficial world where even more handsome than you already are can get you better customer service; possibly a better job and most importantly an equally handsome partner…


There is nothing more important than a good face wash. The soap you use on your body is not designed to clean the pores on your face. You want to keep from drying out the skin on your face. Make sure to do this twice a day. When you shave it is important to use a proper face scrub to exfoliate. There is nothing more important than fresh glowing skin. It does not hurt to get an occasional facial either which is basically a massage on your face with lots of nice gels and creams. Your smile speaks a thousand words and there is nothing more important behind the smile than nice white teeth. Make sure you always have a nice white teeth smile.

Take Care of Your Hands and Feet

We all want to have soft hands and a manly handshake as this is so often our first point of physical contact. Make sure to clean under and around your nails with a nail brush and clip your fingernails. A little moisturizer will keep your hands from drying out. Keep your toenails clipped and make sure to use a pumice stone to rub the dead skin off the heels of your feet. A little moisturizer would not hurt either. There is nothing unmanly about getting a Mani/Pedi when you feel like it.

Silver Fox

There is nothing more attractive than a man with salt and pepper hair as he begins the aging process gracefully. In order for it to make you look great it must be taken care of properly as well. Silver hair is dryer than regular hair so make sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and or conditioner. Grey hair looks finer and can yellow from too much sun. Shampoos for grey hair are designed to offset this so make sure to use the proper products.

Dress Nice

The way you dress is an indication of who you are and how you are presenting yourself. A few changes to the shirts and pants you already own can make a world of difference. Press and dry clean the clothes you need to. Own a good clean pair of shoes and sneakers. Outerwear is also extremely important. A smart raincoat, a warm coat for freezing temperatures and something leather.


Our scent is always noticed. Most importantly there is no excuse not to shower before you begin your day every day. Don’t forget to use soap and deodorant there is nothing worse than smelling like sweat. Everyone notices and appreciates good cologne but a lot of men don’t use it properly. According to fragrance specialists it’s a half a pump on each pulse point on your wrist followed by a quick dab behind each ear. You can also spray twice in front of you and then step into the cloud to scent your clothes.

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