The First Gay Dating Show: Prepare Your Viewing Marathon Party

Date Ideas | March 6, 2017

First Gay Dating Show Viewing Party Preparation

Viewing marathon parties are a very trendy activity to partake in at the moment, particularly popular when it comes to dating shows like ABC’s The Bachelor. A viewing marathon party is just like what you might expect: it’s a get together where the main event is centered around marathoning a TV show or movie. If you’ve never hosted a viewing party, now is great opportunity to do so given that the first ever U.S. all gay dating show, Finding Prince Charming, hosted by Lance Bass, has officially aired. Here is how to make your viewing marathon party a hit.

  • Send out Invitations

    Sending out invitations, whether paper or electronic, is a nice touch. Plus, having an idea of how many people will be attending your viewing party will ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

  • The Viewing Marathon Party Staple: The Menu

    Next to the actual show or movie itself, the most exciting part of the evening will likely be the food. After all, who doesn’t watch television without a snack in hand? Since this is a marathon party, a few solid hours will be spent in front of the television. A party isn’t complete without a few boxes of pizza.

    You could turn the party into a more upscale viewing party by bringing out themed cocktails/drinks and appetizers prior to your pizza (or other entree), just like you would typically have on a dinner date, therein fitting into the theme of your party.

  • Coffee Table Refreshment Station

    The key to nailing the food and drink aspect of your marathon viewing party is having a refreshment station where your guests can snack on typical party finger foods, such as chips and self-serve drinks. The coffee table is prime real estate, but a bar cart also works well.

    Serving a signature drink to fit with your themed viewing party is a great touch. A margarita is a classic “date” drink. You could also personalize your bottles with Finding Prince Charming labels — the options are endless.

  • Ensure That Everyone Is Comfortable

    Make sure your guests can comfortably see the television screen from wherever they are sitting. Ideally, your guests won’t have to look at the screen from a side angle. Make sure the temperature isn’t too cold or warm and set out a basket of blankets if you are hosting your party in the cooler months. Ensure that you have napkins readily available!

  • Decorate Around Your Theme

    No party is complete without at least a few decorations. Since your viewing marathon theme will obviously be centred around gay dating, Lance Bass napkins would be a great touch. Throw up a few pride or rainbow-coloured streamers to truly make your viewing party a special event. An edible centrepiece is also a great option: a chocolate and strawberry centrepiece would fit perfectly into the theme of the night.

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