Five Tips for Introducing your Same-Sex Partner to your Family

Gay Dating | May 20, 2019

Five Tips for Introducing your Same-Sex Partner to your Family

Introducing your partner to your family can be a stressful experience, regardless of your sexuality. However, for same-sex partners, this introduction can be exceptionally daunting, especially if your family is not entirely comfortable—or even aware—of your sexuality. If there is some tension in your family regarding your sexual orientation, this occasion may necessitate a bit of planning. With that in mind, here are a few tips for introducing your partner to your parents:

 Introducing  Same-Sex Partner to your Family

1. Prep your family

Before introducing your partner to your family, it is a good idea to lay some groundwork. Often, it is ideal if you have already come out to your family, so they are aware of your sexual orientation. Assuming they are comfortable with this, the most important thing to them is that you are happy. By sharing a few details about your partner before the meeting, it shows that you are excited about the relationship, which can help give them a positive first impression.

2. Prep your partner

It is very important to understand how stressful this meeting can be for your partner. To make them feel more comfortable, it is never a bad idea to go over a few talking points—possibly any shared interests or other things that they may have in common with your family—in order to give them a bit of confidence going in. This would be a great time to mention topics to avoid, which can help make the first meeting smooth.

3. Make it quick

For a first meeting, speed is of the essence. Very little is more stressful than feeling trapped in an overwhelming situation with your partner’s family, especially if you or your partner is concerned about being judged for your sexuality. To make sure the first meeting is as relaxed as possible, try grabbing a quick coffee, a drink, or a quick dinner.

4. Don’t be afraid to show affection

Hopefully, your family is more interested in your overall happiness than your sexual orientation. Don’t be afraid to show your affection for your partner, just make sure it is natural and organic. From holding hands to sharing food, these small gestures can give a positive impression, helping your family to be comfortable with the relationship.

5. Keep it light

This meeting likely isn’t the time to dive into political or religious conversations. This may not be an issue for those whose family is open to their sexuality. However, for those who are more religious or conservative, the idea of same-sex partnerships may make them uncomfortable. Intense conversations can make this very uncomfortable for everyone involved, but especially your partner. Try to keep the conversation light and casual until they get to know each other a bit better. Just in case, it’s never a bad idea to have an exit strategy, should the conversation get too intense.

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