Are Gay Dating Apps Safe?

Gay Dating | October 4, 2017

Safety Of Gay Dating Apps

It is no secret that historically, the LGBT community has had little opportunity to meet others. Even as technology has connected us to more and more people than ever before, particularly in the way of gay dating websites and apps, the legitimacy and safety of finding a partner through these channels remains in question.

Are Gay Dating Apps Safe?

Are Gay Dating Apps Safe?

There is absolutely no question that dating apps pose a risk to its users. Indeed, there is absolutely no shortage of horror stories associated with dating apps, gay dating apps included. The problem, however, is that data used to support the link between crimes and dating apps have been limited. What’s more is that dating apps and websites have been very reluctant to talk about it.

While data on the topic of dating apps and various crimes has been limited, that doesn’t mean that it has been non-existent. For example, the number of crimes related to Tinder and Grindr use has increased by as many as seven times in the past two years alone. These crimes include reports of rape, grooming and even attempted murder. These figures may be even higher due to the tendency of individuals to under report crimes out of fear or embarrassment.

What Is a Better Alternative?

Professional matchmaking services are on the rise. More and more people are turning to matchmaking services to provide access to people who are looking for serious, committed relationships as well as a safer way to meet others. Professional matchmaking services have networks of high-calibre men and women who underwent thorough background checks in order to become members in the first place. This ensures that high standards of safety are upheld and that all members can feel comfortable knowing that they are meeting others through a very safe channel.

Matchmaking services also prevent against other possible pitfalls of dating apps such as fake profiles or users not saying who they say they are. Another benefit of matchmaking services is that they connect people who are specifically invested in finding a long-term relationship, warding against another pitfall of dating apps and websites which is what is known as “hook-up” culture.

If you are looking for an alternative to standard methods of gay dating, consider Bespoke Matchmaking. Bespoke is a leading and exclusively gay and lesbian matchmaking service designed for professionals who are looking to meet their match in a discreet, professional and safe manner. Contact us today for more information.

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