Great First Date Ideas for Lesbians

Blog | February 21, 2015

Beautiful Young Women in Coney Island at Sunset

When we make a first date we often worry about the best place to go on that first date. The most important thing to remember is the purpose of a first date is just to get to know someone well enough to know if you are interested in having a second date. Don’t make the first date a big ordeal and don’t wait too long to meet her. Here are some great ideas of where to go on that first date.

Visit a Street Fair

• Going to a street fair gives you the opportunity to meet somewhere that there is a lot going on around you so it gives you things to talk about and avoids any awkward or uncomfortable silences as there is always something going on around you to discuss. Pick a place to meet outside of the fair so you won’t miss each other and then walk around get something to eat and let the conversation flow naturally. It allows you the opportunity to get to know each other in an easy comfortable environment and if the chemistry is there this is certain to turn into a second date and a possible long term match.

Share an Activity you Both Enjoy

• When you decided to plan your date, you knew you shared some common interests and things you both enjoyed doing. Perhaps you both liked hiking. Plan a short hike where you can walk outdoors in an environment you are both comfortable in. A place that is not far from either of you so it is easy for both of you to meet at. Doing something you both have in common and enjoy should make for easy conversation and a fun first date. If it goes well you can always go for a bite to eat or a drink afterwards.


• First dates often involve food as it is always recommended to sit across the table and get to know each other and the best way is through easy conversation while you get to know each other. Instead of the pressure of a long dinner perhaps a cocktail after work or one of my favourite ideas is Brunch. It is longer than a cup of coffee and less committal then a long dinner. You are fresh and wide awake and it is a light easy environment at a favourite quaint brunch spot that will give you the opportunity to get to know each other. If brunch goes well it can turn into a walk at your favourite park or museum close by. This is the time to see if you have enough of a connection that you would like to see her a second time.

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