Your Guide To Gay Dating Etiquette

Gay Dating | June 27, 2017

Gay Dating Etiquette

Whether you are a newcomer to the gay dating scene, or you want to brush up on dating etiquette in preparation for a series of upcoming dates, this guide will cover everything you need to know. Whether you met someone on a dating app or through a gay dating service, the rules still apply.

Dating Etiquettes For Gays

Be Up Front About Your Intentions

This rule applies to all types of dating, gay and straight. First and foremost, it is important to communicate what you’re looking for from your date from the very beginning, whether that’s a long-term relationship, or something more casual. That’s the great thing about a gay and lesbian matchmaking service: you know exactly what your date is looking for from the very beginning.

Be Honest

Again, you should be honest about everything in your life. If you’re moving across the country in two months, tell your date. And don’t apologize about it.

Avoid Sexual Topics (and Intimate Encounters) on the First Date

While many classically controversial topics can be safely addressed on a first date, topics that pertain to your sexual history, your preferences, etc., should be addressed at a later, more appropriate time. Ideally, intimate encounters between you and your date should be postponed until at least the second date, to prevent the date from turning into a set of flings (unless, of course, that’s what you’re looking for, and you’ve communicated that to you date).

Follow Up After a Date

If you had a great date and want to see the person again, there is no need to wait three or four days to tell them so (in other words, no games are necessary). A brief email or text as soon as the next day after your date will suffice. The same holds true if you are not interested in going on a second date—never lead your date on.

Master Polite Rejection: No Ghosting!

Naturally, rejection is going to be a part of dating. If you don’t see a potential relationship moving forward, tell them as soon as you have the realization. Do not “ghost,” or simply delete them off of social media and never speak to them again. Address your concerns in person if you went on a few dates. Communicate honestly and clearly about why it didn’t work without being excessively forward. You don’t need to blame yourself, but you also want to be polite.

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