How to be a genuine man?

Blog | April 14, 2015


Are you a genuine man or do you have what it takes to be one? A genuine man is not defined by his muscles or perfect abs or the amount of weights he can lift at the gym. It is not the ability to be a smooth talker or find away to always fit in. A genuine man is confident and has an inner strength and the ability to trust and be trusted. He is well respected and has goals of his own. He is not easily intimidated or threatened and treats others with kindness and respect. Here are some ways to become a better you.

Have your own principles and be direct

• A genuine man has his own set of principles and is well aware of the difference between right and wrong. He does not bend his morals or ethics based on what someone else may think or want. He knows who he is and is proud of it. No matter how awkward or uncomfortable a situation is a genuine man will approach you and it with respect. There will be no mind games or manipulation in a relationship he will be direct and honest with you but; have the ability to be kind at the same time.

Your Word is your Word

• A genuine man knows how to make a promise and stick to it. He is aware of what he says and the promises he makes and will stick to them. Because he is true to his word he is able to trust easily and will not invade your privacy. He will have confidence in you and the relationship the two of you are building.

Humble and Gracious

• He is confident and strong without being arrogant and aggressive. He is aware of everything around him and can be trusted to give advice when asked for it. He’s determined and passionate and in control of his life. He has aspirations and plans and will strive for greatness and therefore inspire others to strive for it as well. He sets priorities and always let’s you know you are one of them. He is appreciative and knows how to appreciate his partner. A genuine man has the ability to accept his own faults and therefore is able to accept his partners. If you have one of these men in your life make sure you let him know he is appreciated!

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