How To Cope With A Breakup

Breakup | January 25, 2017

Coping With A Breakup

Regardless of whether your partner has decided to end the relationship or whether it was a mutual decision, breaking up is difficult for everyone involved. You may feel sadness or anger or feel physically ill. Although it could take more than a year to fully recover, depending upon the length of your relationship, you will be all the better for it. The most important thing you can do is rely on coping mechanisms to help you during this time.

    • Accept The Ending Of Your Relationship: Do Not Avoid Your Emotions

Shock and denial are among the first signs that you are grieving. This is normal. Once you begin to accept that your relationship has ended, you can move forward. It may help you to understand your feelings as part of the greater framework of grief.

Write or talk about your feelings. Avoiding your feelings and your thoughts, while natural, can prevent you from moving on. In short, give yourself time to mourn – to feel sadness, to cry, to get angry. All of these emotions are normal. Do not suppress them but rather take this time to address these feelings in their entirety.

    • Stay Mentally And Physically Healthy

Seek outside support. Take care of your body during this time by eating healthy and staying active. The endorphins can help to buffer many of your negative feelings.

    • Remember All Of The Good Things In Your Life

If can be difficult to see anything beyond your pain. However, after a certain point, this can become unhealthy. Remind yourself that this breakup is only one part of your life. Practice gratitude, even if it’s difficult. Do the things you love – get back to you.

    • Get Closure

Make it a point to seek closure – this will help you to move on. If you want to know why your relationship ended, don’t be afraid to discuss this with your partner. If there is something you need to say, say it. But don’t dwell.

    • Use Your Breakup As An Opportunity For Growth

Once you have given yourself enough time to mourn the relationship, turn your focus inward. Turn the end of this relationship into something positive – something that you can learn from. What went wrong? What could you have done differently? What do you need in a relationship? These are all healthy questions to ask yourself.

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