How to Have a Successful Day at the Office?

Blog | March 31, 2015


The first 30 minutes of your workday is critical as this is what affects your mindset and productivity for the rest of the day. It is a proven fact that successful individuals stay focused when they begin their work day by reflecting on the upcoming day’s tasks beforehand. This method utilized by successful professionals and executives helps to prioritize what needs to get done for their day ahead. The best strategic planning is thought of with a clear mind first thing in the morning. If you start the day without knowing where you are going or what you would like to achieve, it is hard to get somewhere or accomplish anything. Here are a few things successful people do when beginning their workday.

Be Personable

• Before you start your work day there is nothing more important than greeting your colleagues. Saying a quick “hello” and starting the day with a positive, encouraging and confident smile goes a long way. A happy, positive team is a productive team.

Make Sure You Are Comfortable

• In order to be productive and successful there is nothing more important than a comfortable work environment. It is a proven fact that a cooler temperature promotes productivity. When you are too warm it can make you sleepy and lethargic. Make sure the temperature is slightly cooler than normal and organize your workstation. Make sure you know where things are. Make sure there are no notes that others have left for you or reminders you have left yourself that you have not taken into account when planning your day.

Calendars and To Do Lists

• Make sure to check your Calendar and To Do List’s. Create a new plan for the day. Be aware of what needs to get done and the timelines you are looking at. Do your best to avoid and anticipate distractions. It is so easy to become distracted by unnecessary texts or emails or idle chit, chat. Do your best to avoid these distractions and keep them to a minimum. Start your day with a positive and confident attitude and remember that no task is un-achievable.

The Day Is Over

• One of my favourite ways to end my day has been inspired by Kenneth Chenault, American Express CEO. The last thing he does before leaving his office at night is to write down the top 3 things he wants to accomplish the next day. This is the list he uses to begin his next day. What a great way to begin tomorrow with these 3 things on the top of your to do list. Success is inevitable!

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