How to Identify if he is Boyfriend Material

Blog | July 6, 2015

When a guy thinks about what he is looking for in a boyfriend he often develops a checklist of wants and desires. The reality is it is okay to have a wish list but it is important to identify what truly matters. The key things to look for in deciding if he is boyfriend material are 1) Do I feel any attraction to him? 2) Is he easy to communicate with? 3) Is he someone I can trust?

Physical Attraction

• Physical Attraction or Chemistry is something that is hard to predict. You may have a “type” but; at the same time surprise yourself by someone you thought you would never be attracted to and now feel completely drawn to. It is the confidence he portrays or the way he carries himself or possibly something as simple as the twinkle in his eyes when he smiles. In order to be boyfriend material that chemistry definitely has to exist.


• Once you feel that attraction to someone you also have to make sure you can communicate with him. The last thing you want is to constantly have awkward silences that you are always worried about filling. Do you find he is easy to talk to? Does he make conversation with you easily? Are you able to laugh at things together? Does he have a sense of humour and do you have things in common to discuss? You have to make sure when he talks you want to listen to what he is saying and enjoy spending time with him. There is nothing more important than being able to communicate with your boyfriend.

Honesty and Trust

• You don’t ever want to date someone that you feel is unable to tell the truth. When he speaks to you do you believe what he is telling you? Is he constantly embellishing on the actual facts? You want to date someone who has no problem being honest and telling the truth. If he is a story teller and often making himself bigger than life most likely he is insecure and not comfortable with himself. It is important to find a boyfriend who is comfortable in his own skin and is confident about the man he is. You want to date someone you can trust and who is honest with you as well as himself.

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