How to keep your Relationship Fresh and Alive?

Blog | May 19, 2015

A new relationship is always fresh and exciting. The butterflies you feel in your stomach every time he calls. The excitement of each and every first new thing you do together. As time goes on the excitement fades and you have to keep the relationship fresh and alive. Here are a few tips on how to do so.

Schedule date nights and keep the excitement alive

• As time goes on and the relationship becomes comfortable we tend to forget how important it is to keep the relationship exciting. There is nothing more important than scheduling a weekly date night out of the home and away from the rituals of day to day life. This time is important as it forces us to really listen to each other and not get preoccupied with making dinner or taking out the garbage or walking the dog. It makes us focus on one another and keeps the lines of communication open. It gives us the opportunity to listen and be heard and share what we really want to with each other and often forget to.

Shake it up a little

• It is important to keep the excitement alive and not be afraid to try something new with your partner. This includes new activities together perhaps rock climbing or a cooking class. Perhaps this means exploring something you both never thought you would do but; are willing to try together. Go skydiving try something that goes beyond what you ever thought you would do. An activity that has you spend time with other couples that are in a healthy relationship will keep you on track. The willingness to learn something new together will help you grow as a couple.

Say “I love you”

• We often forget how important it is to say those three little words. Remember the first time your partner ever said those words to you and how wonderful you felt. It is so important to let each other know you are loved. Sharing what you are feeling and how important you are to each other goes a long way in any relationship. Letting your partner know how much you appreciated him cleaning the kitchen after dinner or thanking him for making the coffee in the morning goes a long way. We all need to know how much we are loved and appreciated and often just take for granted that our partner knows what we are feeling. Why not tell him and see how happy that will make the both of you feel?

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