Inking Your Pride: The 5 Best LGBT Tattoos We’ve Seen

LGBT Tattoos | February 20, 2017

Best LGBT Tattoos

Getting inked with a LGBT tattoo is a great way to make a visual statement about equality, as a daily reminder to continue fighting or even to be united within a group. Here are some of the best LGBT tattoos we’ve seen this far.

  1. The Phrase “Love is Love”
  2. If you are particularly fond of words, the phrase “love is love” is a powerful statement in the name of equality. With the perfect font, it can look absolutely stunning anywhere on the body and can be personalized in any number of ways.

  3. Incorporating LGBT Symbols
  4. Getting a tattoo of a traditional LGBT symbol is a great way to show your pride. These tattoos are often subtle but powerful, although they can be made to stand out if that suits your particular style. The options here are endless, from the pink and black triangles to the double Venus symbol to the Greek symbol Lambda, to name only a few.

  5. The Equality Sign
  6. The equality sign is a simple and yet beautiful homage to the LGBT community. It can be done to look very subtle but yet it is powerful in its quietness — it has a quiet strength about it. Whether it is tattooed on your finger or your wrist, it is among the best LGBT tattoos we’ve seen.

  7. Incorporating the Colours of the Rainbow
  8. If you prefer bright and bold colours, incorporating the rainbow colours into your tattoo can make your pride a little more obvious. Again, the options are endless here. You could choose a rainbow tattoo (a pixelated rainbow looks particularly modern) or you could get a tattoo of something else you love in the shade of the rainbow. Simple vertical lines is a beautiful minimalist tattoo but with an added pop of colour. Another great option includes small rainbow coloured dots in a horizontal or vertical line.

  9. Barcode with the Word “Human” Underneath
  10. The tattoo of a barcode with the word “human” written underneath is modern while making a subtle statement that we are all just human, regardless of our sexual orientation or gender. While this tattoo looks particularly great in black, you could make it stand out more by getting it done in the colours of the rainbow.

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