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Ask the Expert | January 7, 2015

Dear Carol,
It is the beginning of January and like everyone else I have made a New Year’s Resolution not to quit smoking (I don’t smoke) or to lose weight (I am in great shape and totally fit with no extra pounds) but; to find “LOVE” this year. I am ready, willing and able to be in a relationship and could use some advice on how to meet a partner. I don’t want to meet just anyone I want to meet someone who is also ready for a relationship and with whom I share common interests and a mutual attraction. I am a loving, caring, sexy, feminine lesbian looking for love.

Dear Caring,
It is a New Year and with the New Year comes the opportunity to try something new. If you are not into the bar or club scene perhaps it is time to try a new activity like a lesbian athletic team. If you are into running or volleyball there are different teams to join geared to the sport of your choice. You can have some fun and meet new women at the same time. Put it out there let your friends know you are ready perhaps a friend of a friend knows someone great. There is always the Internet if you have time and various different sites to join or take a look at. If you prefer something more personalized and would like to have the professionals help you there is always the opportunity to try a matchmaking service where you can meet other exceptional women like yourself who share your goals and interests. I am confident if you set your mind to it and try some new and different things you will meet someone great!
Happy New Year!

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