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Ask the Expert | June 7, 2014

Dear Carol,
As we get closer to World Pride I realize another year has passed and I have had a few short term relationships but: I am still single. I always end up with women that I know are not right for me and realize this really is not going anywhere from the moment we meet and so needless to say about two months later I find myself single again and just happy it is over. I know I like being in a relationship and I know I truly want to meet an equal partner I just seem to attract the wrong type of women for me. How do you know when someone is right for you and how do you avoid a doomed relationship? I like women who are not as serious as me who are more flirtatious then I am and who choose me. I like to be hunted and yet the women I would choose do not seem to choose me. Do you have any suggestions?
Dear Puzzled,
It is always nice to be “hunted” as opposed to being the “hunter” however: that doesn’t mean just because you are “the object of their affection” that they will end up being your perfect match. It is important to keep an open mind when you meet new people at the same time if someone is not right for you there is no point in pretending they are. Life is not about a “checklist” however; a one sided relationship never ends well. Think about what is important to you and why these women have not been right for you? Perhaps you are afraid of making a long term commitment? Are you entering into these relationships because you know they are not going anywhere? If this is not the case and you truly are ready to enter into a long term relationship then start fresh and look at new avenues and places to meet someone. If you are attending World Pride perhaps you will meet someone there. If not you can always ask for the help of a Matchmaker. We are here and happy to help you.

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