Love at the time of a Pandemic is more important than ever.

Blog | March 16, 2020

Love at this time is more important than ever

At a time when social distancing is crucial to public health, love is even more important than ever and people need to feel connected.

While closures worldwide may mean you don’t get to use the reservation at the new fusion restaurant you’ve been waiting for or, have had to cancel the spring getaway you’ve been looking  forward to;  as a responsible, socially conscious human being, the expectation is not that you end contact with the outside world, and this includes your dating life.

1) Be Creative In Planing Your First Date 

In these modern times, we are lucky to be in a place in time that allows for fun first dates on FaceTime or Skype. Have a drink, play a game, introduce your date to your pet. 

Social solidarity is the answer to moving forward and your love life should not suffer.

“It’s important during these times to hold fast to any sense of normalcy that you can.” said an epidemiologist with the CDC. 

 2) This is Temporary 

Think of the weeks and months ahead.  These restrictions won’t last forever and the inevitable Hollywood movie that will be written about your romance that started during the pandemic of 2020 will be a blockbuster hit.

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Be Creative In Planing Your First Date
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