Making Sure Your Relationship Doesn’t End When The Summer Does

Dating Tips | August 15, 2016

Moving Beyond The Summer Fling

There are many reasons why casually dating in the summer can be beneficial. It is a no-strings attached type of relationship, meaning that you can simply have carefree fun together without added pressure. However, perhaps you find yourself developing serious feelings toward him or her.

Allow us to reassure you that it is possible to transition a casual relationship into a more serious one. Here is how to make sure that your relationship doesn’t end when the summer does.

  • Make Plans for the Future

    If you want to ensure that your relationship doesn’t end once summer ends, it is important that you have plans to get together in the future. Even if you haven’t yet discussed the boundaries of your relationship or even the type of relationship that the two of you have, making plans for the future will ensure that you can continue to explore those dynamics.

  • Assess Your Relationship

    There are classic summer flings that will always remain that way, but then there are summer flings that transition into something more. Assess your current relationship for signs that it may be more than a casual relationship. Do you spend a lot of quality time together that adds up to more than a weekend-long casual encounter? Do you have serious and meaningful conversations? Is the topic of the future ever discussed? Are you both only seeing each other? These are important signs of whether your relationship could last past the summer.

    Of course, there is always time for you to work on spending more quality time together or to see each other exclusively if you are not yet doing so. It is just important to keep in mind that these elements are important in creating a solid foundation.

  • Have the Important Conversations: Be Proactive

    Keep in mind that a casual relationship will not turn into something more if you or your partner are not proactive. You will need to have important conversations in order for your relationship to progress. For example, are you both interested in a relationship? Naturally, this is the first topic of conversation when deciding whether or not your relationship has the chance to move into something more.

If your casual summer relationship doesn’t work out as planned, know that it is okay. Instead, consider contacting our professional matchmakers at Bespoke Matchmaking: our tailored services will allow you to meet in a discreet and professional manner. Contact us today for more.

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