Meeting Someone New Over the Holidays

Blog | December 12, 2014


The holidays are right around the corner and somehow we make ourselves feel like we are the only single person around. First and foremost we are not and there is no crime in being single and actually no better time of the year then the holiday season to meet someone new. From shopping where the streets and stores are crowded with other singles buying gifts to dinners and holiday events we are bound to meet someone who catches our attention. Make sure to let the people around you know you are single and available. Just remember keep your eyes wide open you never know who may be right in front of you.

“It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

• It really is the most wonderful time of the year and we should not forget it. The lights and the decorations and the holiday windows are spectacular even if we hate to admit it. Enjoy the Christmas movies, skating in the park, holiday markets and we are sure to meet someone new. If you are in New York City make sure to visit the Rockefeller Christmas Tree this year’s 76-foot tall amazingly lit and decorated tree is worth fighting the crowds for. A must see is the Nutcracker Rouge at the Minetta Lane Theatre (off Broadway) Austin McCormick and his risqué neobaroque dance theatre Company XIV present a lavish erotic reimagining of a classic holiday tale. Another do not miss is Mariah Carey’s seasonal smash, Merry Christmas, turns 20 at the Beacon Theatre (December 15 to 20th) giving fans who cannot get enough of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” a very special present. You never know who you may meet or attract while you are there.

Volunteer or Donate

• This is the time of the year when we really appreciate the little things and realize there are others so much more unfortunate than ourselves. One great way to share your love and presence during the holidays is to donate or volunteer at the place of your choice. Volunteer for a couple of hours at a local food bank or soup kitchen or be the one who feeds the cats and dogs at the animal shelter of your choice. You could just possibly meet another animal lover just like yourself sharing their time and love as well.

Plan a Fabulous Meal

• Plan a special meal with all of your holiday favourites during the holiday season. Invite a few of your single friends or acquaintances and have each one of them bring another single friend or acquaintance. You never know who you may meet and you certainly will have fun planning the dinner party. Most importantly have fun and make this your best holiday season ever!

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