Accomplished, cultured and discerning.

Our firm attracts the types of people that are most desirable yet difficult to meet.  Our clients are intelligent, cultured, self-starters who are not defined by their sexuality and are known for initiating positive change.

They generally have very successful careers, they have cultivated strong relationships with family and friends and have varied interests including travel, dining and the arts.

Our members refuse to settle and are generally not interested in the typical forms of gay and lesbian dating which makes it harder for them to meet someone like-minded.

They understand the importance of investing in their own well being and that includes their love life.

Our members are ready to dedicate as much to their personal lives as they do for other passions or successes.

Our members are the heart of our business. The service we provide is based on the trust we establish between our company and our distinguished members who count on us for encouragement, experience and insight.

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