Need To Cure The Winter Blues? 5 Tropical Weekend Getaways To Go To With A New Partner

Date Ideas | February 6, 2017

Tropical Weekend Getaways

Winter is the perfect time to go on a tropical getaway. Of course, the beaches and sunsets will be made all the better with someone new alongside you. Here are six tropical getaways that are just close enough to be visited over the weekend.

  1. Bahamas
  2. The Bahamas is a group of islands considered to be among the best tropical islands in the Caribbean. This travel destination offers a lot of activities for couples, from scuba diving (considered some of the best in the world with its clear waters), boating, kayaking or simply the ability to pamper yourselves at the multitude of luxury resorts! When you think of a tropical paradise, the Bahamas is it.

  3. Riviera Maya, Mexico
  4. The Riviera Maya offers everything you could want from a tropical destination: beaches, culture and great food. Whether you want to swim with the dolphins or trek the ancient ruins, there is a lot to see and do here that is more than simply relaxing on the beach. It also offers unique accommodation options, including yoga retreats.

  5. Dominican Republic
  6. If you and your partner enjoy the outdoors, the Dominican Republic offers stunning tropical scenery, from jungles to waterfalls. This is a particularly great travel destination for the adventure-minded, whether you want to climb the highest peak in the Caribbean or you want to hike through waterfalls. This destination has the added benefit of being rich in both history and culture, too, with the capital being considered a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  7. St. Barts, The Caribbean
  8. St. Barts is an island in the Caribbean that offers some of the best dining and shopping options around the world all within a tropical setting. If you are looking for a more upscale weekend getaway, this popular Hollywood vacation destination easily fits that description.

  9. Puerto Rico
  10. Puerto Rico is a small island in the Caribbean. If you are looking to travel off the beaten path, Puerto Rico is a great place to go. It boasts splendid tropical scenery, from green mountains to white beaches and waterfalls, as well as plenty of things to do, including snorkelling and surfing, to name only a few.

  11. Hawaii
  12. Hawaii is one of the more classic tropical weekend getaways often seen in movies. It has the added benefit of only being a stone’s throw away, making it great for a weekend escape.

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