The New Dating Rules: What’s Taboo, What’s Still Applicable?

Taboo | July 11, 2016

Dating Rules In The 21st Century

Dating can be complicated. We’ve been passed down so many rules and so much misinformation, that it can often seem like a strategic game of chess trying to decide when to call, what to say, or worrying that our texts are too short or too long. If you’re trying to navigate the dating world and need some assistance, below are the new dating rules for the 21st century, including what’s taboo and what is still applicable.

The Taboo

Don’t play coy. The internet and smartphone technology has made dating a game of “you snooze, you looze.” There are so many great, interesting, attractive people online and meeting them has become easier than ever. Don’t wait to tell someone you are interested. If you like the person, let them know, or someone else will.

Don’t assume exclusivity. In the modern dating landscape, there are more people in non-exclusive relationships than ever. Assuming that you are exclusively seeing someone without first talking about it may leave you feeling hurt and resentful.

The Still-Applicable

Charm still matters. In the rapidfire world of online meeting and dating, the speed at which we are able to send quick messages and flirty emojis, add an exclamation mark, or a smiley face here or there, tends to have a bit of a cheapening effect. Thank you notes left on the counter; small, thoughtful surprises and a phone call to say “how’s it going?” still matter.

Confidence is still sexy. Being confident in yourself and your abilities is always attractive. Smile, make eye contact, speak clearly and at an even pace—your date will instantly be more engaged with what you are saying and doing.

Being on time matters. Many people assume that because of our ability to coordinate logistics with one another through our phones, that sending a message informing someone that you will be late is equivalent to not being late. Show your date that you value their time. If you have a legitimate excuse for not being on time, send them a text. But don’t do it too many times or it may very well be your last date.

Dating can be nerve-racking, confusing, exhilarating or a combination of all three. Knowing how to navigate dating pitfalls and dead ends requires knowing what’s expected of you. If you are new to dating or have been out of the scene for a while, keep the above advice in mind and get the most out of your new romantic relationships.

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