New Year’s Resolutions 2015

Blog | January 9, 2015


Most of us make New Year’s resolutions and so many of us plan to stick to them, but so few of us do. Here are the most common resolutions of 2015 and some tips to make it easier to follow through with them.

Get In Shape

We tend to set a goal of losing “25” pounds or some specific amount this year. Instead of doing that it would be easier and more practical to set a goal to get in shape this year. “Getting in Shape’ means something different to so many people. To make it achievable cut something out of your diet that you know you should not be eating and is not necessary.

The sugary mocha latte we have every afternoon is possibly something we should enjoy as a special treat once a week. Be aware of how active or inactive your lifestyle is and make sure to add some physical activity to it that is reasonable for you and you know you can do. It may be as simple as taking a 20 minute walk daily or taking the stairs instead of the elevator in the building.

Spend More Time with friends

We tend to see our friends over the holiday season and then it is often another 6 months before we see them again. We enjoy seeing them and spending time with them so why does it become such a difficult task during the year? It is only as difficult as we make it. It would make sense to schedule a dinner party once every 3 months at an alternating friend’s home. Not weekly or even monthly but every 3 months at a different friend’s home is certainly not too difficult to arrange. Keep it simple and anything is a possibility.

Find a Partner

Instead of declaring, “this is the year” you intend to find a partner do things that actually put you in a position where you can make this happen. Take up some activities that would put you in a position to meet someone special. Join a running group or volunteer somewhere. There are so many ways in which you can meet new people if you choose to. Start going to mixers or join a sporting league you will make new friends and have fun doing it. If this does not work for you use the help of a Matchmaker who would be happy to help you in your search to find your special someone.

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