Our Team

Carol Sugar-Burke

Executive Matchmaker

Bespoke website - Team Bio CarolCarol Sugar-Burke holds a BA (Hons.) from the University of Toronto where she studied Business and Psychology, and has also earned her CMP. Carol, worked for major corporations, one being a major bank in Strategic Sourcing dealing with high level executives negotiating contracts on their behalf. Carol learned that her real passion is people, and the common element throughout her career has been working closely with them to make them happy and meet their needs. She spent her free time being a Matchmaker for her single friends and associates and then went on to follow her heart. Carol spent several years working for a leading dating service for the LGBT community. It was this experience that she took with her and founded her own Matchmaking Service, which was later acquired by an International Matchmaking Firm. Carol is an International Matchmaker for the LGBT community who truly is a romantic at heart; very intuitive and caring, and loves working with her clients. Bespoke Matchmaking works with an exclusive market of exceptional gay men and lesbians, offering them a one-on-one personalized matchmaking experience. The warmth and personal approach at Bespoke Matchmaking makes this a comfortable, safe, and effective way to meet other eligible singles wanting a loving, fulfilling, and intimate relationship.

Jon Barnes

Director of Operations

Jon’s long tenure in the business field, combined with his track record of effective leadership, allows him to provide guidance and direction for our company vision. He graduated from FAU with a degree in business administration. He is an organized, efficient and hard working individual, willing to discover and accept new ideas which he puts into practice effectively. He has successfully led several organizations. His vision and intimate knowledge of the LGBTQ community has been an asset to Bespoke Matchmaking.

Teresa Taylor


Teresa is an advocate for the LGBTQ community and has been working in the Matchmaking Industry for 17 years. She previously worked for a Non-Profit Organization in the education field. She enjoyed helping educate and offering support to Educators who specialize in children with special needs. It was working in the Non Profit sector where she realized that her passion for helping people could be combined with her support of the LGBTQ community.

Teresa has a background in Psychology and holds a BA degree from California State University-Los Angeles. She enjoys working with exceptional people and is committed to providing them with an exceptional experience. She is passionate about her role as a Matchmaker, and is intuitive, caring and insightful. She believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to find love, and that building a solid one on one relationship with her clients is the foundation to finding them success.

Rachel Moore


Rachel studied Communications at Ryerson University where she earned a ProCom BA.

Rachel has worked for a number of high end international brands in both the European and Canadian market, and has an international/outside the box approach to connecting clients with their desired market.

A common trend throughout her career has been a results oriented approach to communications which makes her idea for Matchmaking. With authentic ties to the LGBTQIA community through organic involvement, Rachel has worked for six successful years at Bespoke Matchmaking. Rachel is committed to providing a personalized, rewarding, and professional experience for all of her clients; and finds success for the clients she works with based on Bespoke Matchmaking’s core principles of one on one client communication.

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