Questions To Ask On A First Date

Dating Tips | November 28, 2016

First Date Questions

When it comes to appropriate questions to ask on a first date, the first thing you may think of is questions that should not be asked. Of course, you want to learn more about your date and may have a lot of questions for him or her, but perhaps you are wondering if your questions are too personal. Or, maybe you simply want to know how to maximize your time, allowing you to learn as much as possible in a short amount of time. The following questions are not too personal but will still allow you to learn intimate details about your date, making them essential questions to ask on a first date.

  • What’s Your Biggest Goal At The Moment?

    This is a great first date question because it can tell you a lot about your date in a relatively non-intrusive way. You can find out more about his or her passions and gain insight into his or her motivation as a person, allowing you to assess, at least in a small way, whether this may be the right person for you or not.

  • What’s Your Favourite Way To Spend A Weekend Day?

    This question is not only a fun one to ask, but will also give you insight into his or her lifestyle. This will allow you to assess whether the two of you have any similar interests and approach life in similar ways. This is a very fun, but yet very telling question.

  • What’s Your Favourite Place In The Entire World?

    This is a wonderful first-date question, as your date can answer it in a multitude of ways. Perhaps your date’s favourite place is the house she spent summers in as a child. Wherever the place, you are going to learn something very intimate about your date by asking them this question.

  • What Should I Know About You That I Wouldn’t Think To Ask?

    This is an interesting question that may just throw your date a curveball. His or her answer will more than likely be unexpected, and you never know where their answer may lead you…

  • What Pizza Toppings Do You Get Or How Do You Take Your Coffee?

    Every question can’t be serious and no date should be entirely serious. These two light-hearted questions will be sure to cause a laugh and allow you both to relax a bit. You may be surprised at how much you learn about the person, as well!

  • What Makes You Nervous?

    This is an intimate question but one that will allow you to delve into your date’s vulnerable side.

  • What Was Your Family Like Growing Up?

    Your date can go into as much or as little detail as he or she wants to; while the topic of family is certainly an intimate topic, it is an acceptable one to ask on a first date. Asking this question will allow you to get a feel for the type of person your date is.

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