Red Flags That Gay Men Should NOT Ignore On A First Date

Blog | November 7, 2014

There is nothing more important than making a good impression on that very first date. The anticipation and excitement mixed in with being just a slight bit nervous can sometimes cause over thinking. What should I wear? Where should we meet? Going on a first date can definitely be daunting for gay men who have just come out of a relationship or are new to the dating scene. Here are a few tips to help you know what to watch out for on that first date.

• His just getting out of a long term relationship can definitely be a red flag. This may seem obvious but; it is a red flag that a lot of men tend to ignore. Make sure you know how long the relationship has been over for and that he is really ready to move on. If he still lives with his ex partner of 5 years but is claiming it is over, be cautious, it is impossible for him to be emotionally available. If he tells you that you remind him of his ex or does not stop talking about his ex it is time to excuse yourself and leave quickly.

• When you are out on a first date and your date’s eyes are wandering from table to table and he is checking out everyone but the guy sitting right in front of him it is probably a good indication that he is not the right guy for you. He may just be overly flirtatious or even worse “he is just not that into you.” Checking out other guys is certainly a warning sign that he is not ready for a long term relationship. You are better than that and deserve someone’s undivided attention on that first date.

• If he is rude to the wait staff, this can certainly be a warning sign that he is disrespectful and down the road could be rude to you. How he treats the people around you is definitely a good indication of who he is. If he does not treat all people the same and with the respect they deserve, especially on a first date when he is supposed to be on his best behaviour it is could be a good indication of what will happen down the road. He is showing you his true colours and is obviously not someone worth your time or effort. Remember you cannot change who he is and if he is demonstrating behaviour that is unacceptable to you, move on.

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