19 Sexy Halloween Costumes For Couples

Costumes | October 20, 2018

Halloween Costumes for Couples

We can’t believe it either: Halloween is right around the corner. We’re thrilled that we can get back to our toques and our coffees, but the real high point of the fall season has got to be Halloween. Hitting up parties and having a wild time, taking fire selfies and seeing the saucier side of your partner makes Halloween our favourite holiday. You have to take your costume seriously, whether you’re straight or queer as a three dollar bill.

If you’re coupled up, there’s nothing more adorable than dressing up as each other’s fantasy beaus. Iconic couples throughout history and pop culture have left us so misty eyed we have to play dress-up, if only once a year. If you’re not quite as sappy as we are, and you’re single looking to mingle, a fun costume can break the ice as soon as you approach an attractive stranger. Both of your guards are down, and the fact that you dressed up as something displays your personality at its loudest.

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Ideas For Gay Couples

Matching costumes with your SO is total couple goals — but most of the couple’s Halloween costumes you’ve seen only work with straight couples. Take a look at some the these adorable couples costumes for gay couples.

Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy

Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy-Halloween costume

All it takes are some solid coloured t-shirts and some felt belt decals. For a quick but cheeky costume, check this one out.

Skeleton Heartthrobs

Skeleton Heartthrobs-Halloween costume

This one will take some artistic ability — but if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Presidential Debate Dudes

This one is completely ridiculous and we love it.

Presidential Debate Dudes-Halloween costumes

Supermodel Vampires

Supermodel Vampires-Halloween costume

Get some pupil-less contacts and white costume setting powder from a beauty store, and pick up either a fantastic red lipstick or some fake blood. You’ll be able to channel your inner vamp all night.

I Choose You

If you want to make everyone’s heart melt, then dress as Ash and Pikachu. They try so hard for each other.

I Choose You-Halloween costumes

Batman and Robin

Who can go wrong with this classic?

Batman and Robin-Halloween Costume

Mario and Luigi

Nothing’s cuter than coordinating overalls and fluffy moustaches. Mario and Luigi are nostalgic, rambunctious and justify you spending the entire night speaking in an Italian accent.

Mario and Luigi-Halloween Costume


Dr. Seuss Groupies

Dr. Seuss was a weird, fabulous fellow. Becoming the Grinch Who Stole Christmas and The Cat In The Hat will make your costumes instant classics.

Dr. Seuss Groupies-Halloween costume

You’re My Perfect Prince

This could not get any more couples goals. You’ll know you’re successful in love if oyur partner jumps at the chance to dress as Prince Charming, bring you your favourite drink all night and holds you tight on the dance floor. Fairytales are real, right?

You’re My Perfect Prince-Halloween costume

Lesbian Couple Costume Ideas

You and your girl are going to be the life of the party in these couple costumes that celebrate girl love. Here are some ideas to jumpstart your creativity.

Sailor Neptune and Uranus

Think of them as grown-up versions of sailor moon.

Sailor Neptune and Uranus -Halloween costume

Undead Brides

Take a terrifying walk down the aisle with your lover. The insane smokey eye makes it all the better.

Undead Brides-Halloween costume

Xena and Gabrielle

Give every fan of the show what they’ve been craving, and make Xena and Gabrielle an official item already.

Xena and Gabrielle-Halloween costume

Bride of Frankenstein and Sally

For those who are truly devoted to Halloween and all things spooky, this costume pairing is for you. It’s artful, spooky and adorable all at once.

Bride of Frankenstein and Sally-Halloween costume


Danny and Sandy

We’ve got chills, they’re multiplying… and we’re losing control over how cute these costumes are! Make sure you stomp a cigarette into the ground at least one time during the night.
Danny and Sandy-Halloween costume
Supergirl and Catwoman
Look powerful and fierce in these classic hero-girl costumes.

Supergirl and Catwoman-halloween costume

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

Sometimes it’s more fun to be a villain than a hero, especially when you’re paying homage to two of the most iconic female comic book characters ever created.

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn-Halloween costume

Buzz Lightyear and Woody

Buzz and Woody receive tons of love when Halloween comes around. The nostalgia and BFF-factor is definitely there.

Buzz Lightyear and Woody-Halloween costume

Elphaba and Glinda

If you loved the music then you’ll love dressing up as this powerhouse combo. The green face paint is incredibly fun, plus you’ll have a license to break into show tunes all night.

Elphaba and Glinda-Halloween costume

Eric and Ariel

Nothing hits the feels harder than a beloved Disney couple, and Eric and Ariel are perhaps the most romantic. You can save each other all evening in these costumes, plus they’re simple to find in-store or make yourself.

Eric and Ariel-Halloween costume

If you’re going out with your SO this Halloween, put your heads together to coordinate an unforgettable costume duo. It’ll make the holiday so much more fun and allow you to live in character just for a night.

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